DAY 8: Charles Bradley is My Hero

We’ve nearly made it. The end of the festival is today. Yesterday is always the day I’m writing about though, so there we begin. The day started with documentary feature, Charles Bradley: [Read On…]

DAY 6: New Friends and Old Habits

If I were not able to take this whole event day-by-day and then from there hour by hour, I would be pissed off all of the time. This is definitely a downfall [Read On…]

DAY 4: Buffering Al Gore

Starting the day at a decent hour, I managed to pull off yesterday’s blog and make it to a non-profit meet up within the heart of Trade Show. I found myself self-conscious [Read On…]


Routines are forming, parking spots emerging, bearings rolling, names calling, dropping, stopping people in their tracks: today Al Gore is going to interview Sean Parker, founder of Napster. How is that possible? [Read On…]